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Profit pIX

What is Profit Pix?

Profit Pix is an amazing way to create beautiful, inspiring, and informative product photos for your Shopify store.  We believe that your product photos can do more. They can inform, inspire, delight, and sell your product. So, we give you amazing templates and an easy-to-use photo editing suite to help you build amazing Product Photos.

Can Profit Pix replace my favorite photo editing tool?

Maybe.  We believe that great product photos require great photography.  Part of this is retouching a photo to get the right look.  Profit Pix does not focus on retouching.  We do offer simple filters and cropping.  This might meet your needs.  But, if it does not, we recommend using retouching software in tandem with Profit Pix to achieve amazing results.

Do you offer customized templates?

Yes, we can consult with you to achieve a specific look for your Profit Pix.  Reach out to get in touch.

How does Profit Pix relate to Profit Pages?

Both Profit Pix and Profit Pages are apps built by Profit Apps.  Profit Pages focuses on allowing you to make amazing content for your Shopify product.  Profit Pix focuses on allowing you to make amazing images for your Shopify product.  The goal of the product suite is to take your products to the next level.


What is Profit Pages?

Profit Pages is a high end page builder built for Shopify.  Profit Pages allows you to quickly augment your product and landing pages with amazing content that will delight your customers and drive sales.  

What happens to my content if I delete the Profit Pages app?

It is your content.  You keep it.  We store all your content in meta fields within your Shopify shop.  So, you can access it using a meta field app or re-install Profit Pages if you want to edit it in the future.

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