Profit Pages adds animation to your Shopify store

Learn how Profit Pages makes it easy to add beautiful animations to your Shopify site.

Subtle animations are a great way to make your Shopify products stand out. Learn how Profit Pages makes it easy to add animations to your Shopify site.

You can quickly create animations for your Shopify site using the element menu in the Profit Page's page builder.  Just click animation, select the type of animation and the animation delay.  When your element comes into view on the screen the animation will display on the screen.  It is that easy.

Create Shopify animations from Profit Pages

Profit Pages supports popular animations such as fade and slide in.  Each animation is fine tuned to grab your potential customer's attention, but not distract from the beauty of your site.  These animations make your site more professional and lead to higher conversions.  See an example of our animations below.

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