Profit Pages adds Amazing Tabs to Your Shopify Store

Learn how you can use Profit Pages to add tabs to your Shopify Store.

The latest release of Profit Pages makes it easier than ever to add amazing tabs to your Shopify store.  In the latest release, we have added a contextual menu that shows up when you click on the tabs in your editor pane.  From this menu, you can easily add a new tab, reorder the existing tab or view the properties for the tab.  

Clicking on the tab in the sidebar will display properties for the tab.  For each tab, you now get the same robust set of configurations that you get for every other section in Profit Pages.  You can change the properties, width, design, spacing, and animation for each tab.  You can also completely change the look-and-feel by selecting a new section type.  This gives you an unprecedented amount of control over the design of your site.

We know how useful tabs are as a part of the Profit Pages experience.  So, we will continue to make them better in each release.  

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