Better Product Descriptions for your Shopify Store

Learn how Profit Pages makes it easy to create better product descriptions for your Shopify store.

Better Product Descriptions

The latest version of Profit Pages makes it easier than ever to create amazing content for your Shopify Products.  Profit Pages now gives you the ability to add rich content to your product descriptions.  This is in addition to allowing you to create amazing content within the body of your product page.  Quickly add payment badges, trust badges, and more with just a few clicks.  The best part is that this works within the existing themes you love.  So, you don't need to adopt a completely new design.

The screenshot below illustrates this new feature.  Simply select a section to be added to your product description and start editing it just like any other Profit Pages content.  You get all the same features you love about Profit Pages.

In addition to the new product description update, we have also added a number of bug fixes and additions:

  • New Image Gallery option to add hand crafted trust badges and payment icons
  • Quick selection of tabs within the editor
  • Quickly add, remove, and sort list items from our convenient contextual menu
  • Full control of the update process for your site

We hope you love the latest update of Profit Pages!

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