Better SEO for you Shopify Store

Learn how Profit Pages can improve the SEO for your Shopify Store.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core component of any Shopify marketing strategy.  The goal of SEO is to make your site easily searchable by Google and other search engines.  Shopify already provides you with a bunch of good tools to improve the SEO of your site.  Learn more in the Shopify manual.  Profit Pages helps you take the search-ability of your site to the next level by offering great tools to upgrade your site:

  • Prebuilt templates that encourage you to create useful content for your customers
  • A dedicated UI that allows you to preview how your listing will look on Google
  • Helpful tips and tricks throughout the app to encourage great SEO targetted content
  • Elegant code to speed up your site and make it SEO friendly

Lets take a closer look at each one of these benefits.  

Prebuilt Templates encourage Useful Content

Google provides guidance on how to get your Shopify store ready for search in their SEO Starter Guide.   It is a great read, but if you want a quick synopsis, Google says that if you create useful content for your customers, then you will also create search friendly content for Google.  The challenge is how to do this without cluttering your site and keeping it looking clean and professional.  That is where Profit Pages steps in.  

Our templates are built to help you create amazing content. Each template is designed to look professional and create the type of content your customers are looking for. So, not only do your pages become more useful when they are using Profit Pages, but they also become more search friendly.

Dedicated SEO UI

Whether you are creating a new product or editing an existing product, we provide you with a helpful SEO screen to help you get the most out of the title and description for your new page or product.  Because not everyone is an SEO expert, we provide helpful tips and tricks as you fill out your title and description.

We also give you a preview of what your product will look like in Google so that you can help create more engaging, "clickable" search results.

Elegant Code

The last component of a good SEO strategy is something you cannot see, and probably something you would rather not deal with: code.  Profit Pages give you elegant, minimalist code that helps your site load faster and have the correct semantics for good search results.  Profit pages delivers an elegant look-and-feel with much less code than our competitors.  This makes our pages load faster on mobile devices and also rank higher in Google PageSpeed metrics.

While often overlooked, code is an important part of your SEO strategy.  And, our craftsmanship and attention to detail gives you an amazing advantage over your competitors.

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