Continuous Improvement

The latest update to Profit Pages improves the security, speed, and UX of the product.

The latest version of Profit Pages focuses on the continuous improvement of the product.  Every release, we aim to make the app faster, more secure, and easier to use.  This release is a huge step forward in those areas.  With this release of Profit Pages, we continue to improve on the aspects that make Profit Pages the most beautiful, easy-to-use page builder on the Shopify marketplace.

Better Security and Faster Load Times

We have implemented Shopify's latest recommendations around JSON web tokens. This improves the overall security posture of the solution while making the app load really fast. You should immediately feel the difference. The initial launch should be much faster and smoother the first time you use it. And, subsequent launches of the app should be almost instantaneous.

More options when you need them

We have also added better contextual menus to the application.  As you click on elements on the page, the menu on the right will change to reflect the options available to edit.  This will allow you to quickly change the design and spacing of the element without having to dig through menus.  

Friendlier Installations

The latest release of Profit Pages will give new users of the product a lot more information prior to the installation.  Rather than automatically updating your theme, the latest version will prompt prior to making changes to the theme.  This adds transparency to the installation experience.

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