Profit Pix

Profit Pix makes it easy to create amazing photos for your Shopify products.  Install it now on the Shopify Store

Your product photos are the first thing your customers see when they view your product. It is your first chance to make a sale. A good product photo will build desire and make a potential customer want to click the buy button. So, why would you present your customer with boring, run-of-the-mill photos when you can hook them with a Profit Pix photo? A Profit Pix photo will inform, delight, and excite your customers. Profit Pix is your secret weapon to build demand and drive profits to your store.

Install it now on the Shopify Store

At Profit Apps, we think that product photos are the most overlooked aspect of great product design.  They may be the only thing a potential customer looks at when making a buy decision.  So, we wanted to make them amazing.  With Profit Pix, you get a powerful selling tool that captures customer's attention and get results.

- Matthew Smith, co-founder of Profit Apps